My name is Jenna and I’ve been knitting for nearly a decade. It all started when I was in college and was home for a break and found a pair of knitting needles and some yarn in the basement and figured why not give it a shot? After several failed attempts and many YouTube tutorials later, I was hooked.

During the pandemic lockdowns I started an Instagram account specifically to showcase my knitting. Let’s be honest, I get too much satisfaction from someone saying they like my hat or my scarf and then blurting out “THANKS I MADE IT!” Without anyone to show my new knits to in real life, I turned to the internet. That’s when I got really into knitting. Having a feed of so many patterns to make, so much gorgeous yarn to buy, and so many knitters to connect with, I started spending more and more of my time knitting and ending up with more and more finished knits.

It was at this time that I also got into test knitting. After test knitting for a while, I discovered tech editing, and well, the rest is history.

When I’m not tech editing or knitting, I’m probably working at my day job where I write articles about software development/IT, snuggling my cat, or reading a book.

You can follow my knitting projects on Instagram at @jennasargent.techedit or on Ravelry.

Wearing one of my wardrobe staples: Greenbury Point designed by Kim Shaffir. I also tech edited this pattern! It’s an extra special knit to me.
Rocking the Nicole Shawl by Aimee Sher, another recent favorite!
The aforementioned cat, Lily. She’s my knitting buddy.
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