Excel functions to use when designing knitting patterns

Excel can be your best friend when you’re designing a pattern. Knowing the little tips and tricks that it offers can really make your life a whole lot easier. In addition to the beauty of autofilling calculations across a range of sizes, there are several lesser known functions that you can be incorporating into yourContinue reading “Excel functions to use when designing knitting patterns”

All about clarity in knitting patterns

When you think of tech editors, do you think of someone sitting at their computer, staring at an Excel spreadsheet for hours? You’d probably be right, but that’s not the only thing we do! Of course we check that the numbers in a pattern is correct, but another important part of tech editing is improvingContinue reading “All about clarity in knitting patterns”

Things to check before sending your pattern to a tech editor

When I’m tech editing, I’m always conscious of the fact that the longer I take to edit, the more it will cost the designer. More errors in a pattern means I’m going to have to spend more time writing notes, and that time does add up. So before you send your pattern off to aContinue reading “Things to check before sending your pattern to a tech editor”

Inconsistencies in knitting patterns

Last month I decided to switch things up by publishing my monthly blog post as an Instagram post. I thought maybe the content I had prepared would be well suited to images, so I figured I’d give it a go. People seemed to like it — in fact it’s probably my most-liked Instagram post ever,Continue reading “Inconsistencies in knitting patterns”