Past Work

Photo credit: Kim Shaffir

Joyful Crescent by Kim Shaffir

Photo credit: Janice Allen

Riverbed Shawl by Janice Allen

Photo credit: Sarah Kelley

Life’s Better in a Tent by Sarah Kelly

Photo credit: Nen Schoonover

Northern Lights by Nen Schoonover

“Jenna has been amazing to work with from the start. As a new designer, I was unfamiliar and a bit intimidated by having my pattern edited, but Jenna was very friendly and patient in walking me through everything. English is my second language so I am sometimes off in my phrasing, but her edits are very thorough while also being gentle in her writing. When I was stuck in a pattern, she was willing to look at my incomplete work and was quick to advise me in the best way to finish it. She just makes the whole process easy and fun!” – Nen Schoonover

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